What Our Users Say About Us

“The Falck, FMAT1 has transformed my approach to glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. It provides me with the most accurate IOP measurements available today. Multiple functions allow me to measure serial tonometry, ocular pulse amplitude, central retinal artery pressure and outflow facility, a critical aspect of monitoring treatment effectiveness. This instrument is ingenious, so easy to use and patients love it. FMAT1 has transformed my approach to glaucoma management. The ROI is amazing, we easily paid for our FMAT1 the first three months it was in service”.

Dr. Donald Higgins
Plainville, CT

“The diurnal fluctuation of IOP has always caused me to view my patients’ IOP readings with some ambivalence. Is the reading near the peak or the trough of the day? Who knows? Now I have greater confidence in my clinical decisions because the FMAT allows me to measure a patient’s outflow facility, which is less influenced by diurnal changes. It is a blessing to have this technology that improves patient care and pays for itself”.

Dr. Yoram Friedman
Bound Brook, NJ

“The FMAT1 is a wonderful integrated device providing accurate tonometry, tonography (measuring outflow facility) and ophthalmodynamometry (ODM).
As a retina specialist, the ODM measurements are especially useful because they reflect central retinal artery perfusion pressure. Abnormal perfusion pressure implies relative retinal ischemia. This is important to know especially since so many common retinal diseases have a vascular component”.

Shalesh Kaushal, MD, PhD
Comprehensive Retina Consultants
Inverness, FL

“Kudos to Dr. Falck for revolutionizing glaucoma management with his electronic tonographer. Improved glaucoma management and added source of reimbursement for the practice produce a win-win outcome. Way to go”.

John Dagianis, MD
Nashua Eye Associates, PC
Nashua, NH

“Thank you for the opportunity to discuss what I believe is one of the most innovative new technologies in the glaucoma space in the last decade or more. The Falck Medical Multifunction Device”.

Dr. Jim Thimons
Connecticut Consulting Ophthalmologists
Stamford, CT
Chair, National Glaucoma Society