About Falck Medical

Our Mission

Falck Medical’s mission is to provide innovative technology to improve patient care and aid in blindness and stroke prevention.

Our Story

Falck Medical, Inc. was co-founded over a decade ago by our current CEO Francis Y. Falck Jr., MD, PhD, MS. Dr. Falck is a practicing ophthalmologist with over three decades of experience treating patients with glaucoma. During that time, he has performed a substantial amount of research resulting in over 30 publications related to the diagnoses and treatment of eye disease.

During his residency and fellowship training, Dr. Falck identified issues in the existing technology that was used to diagnose and treat glaucoma. After completing training, he started Falck Medical by assembling a talented group of optical, mechanical, electrical, software, and design engineers. The team began prototyping and after several years of design and testing the Falck Multifunction Device was developed. The device then entered U.S. FDA clinical trials for several more years before being cleared for introduction into the marketplace.

Today, Falck Medical is a U.S. FDA registered medical device manufacturer. Our primary product, the Falck Multifunction Device, is certified by TUV Rheinland for worldwide distribution. The technology has over 10 national and international patents with additional patents pending.

The Falck Multifunction Device is a transformational technology that is changing eye care. It is the only device cleared by the U.S. FDA to perform Ophthalmodynamometry, Tonography, Dry Eye Testing, and Serial Tonometry. The technology utilizes a U.S. FDA mandated, patented fixed use disposable prism. This fixed use disposable prism serves as a barrier to transmission of infectious disease from patient to patient and is critical to the protection of public health.

Currently, Falck Medical has nearly one hundred devices and counting operating in eye care facilities and educational institutions across the country. These devices are transforming eye care and having a positive impact on the diagnoses and treatment of eye disease.

Scientific Advisory Board Members:

Francis Y. Falck, Jr., MD, PhD, MS, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

James Martone, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Yale University

Elias Reichel, MD, Vice Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology, Tufts University School of Medicine

What Our Users Say About Us

“Kudos to Dr. Falck for revolutionizing glaucoma management with his electronic tonographer. Improved glaucoma management and added source of reimbursement for the practice produce a win-win outcome. Way to go”.

John Dagianis, MD
Nashua Eye Associates, PC
Nashua, NH

“Thank you for the opportunity to discuss what I believe is one of the most innovative new technologies in the glaucoma space in the last decade or more. The Falck Medical Multifunction Device”.

Dr. Jim Thimons
Connecticut Consulting Ophthalmologists
Stamford, CT
Chair, National Glaucoma Society